Want To Work As A Stay-At-Home Mom? Consider A Programming Side Hustle

As a stay-at-home mom, you have may duties that take up much of your time. However, you do have downtime during which you'd like to be more active and making a little money. Seriously consider the benefits of a high-quality side hustle as a programmer. You'd be surprised at how well this type of job can work in your position.

Side Hustles Benefit Stay-at-Home Mothers

In today's modern world, even stay-at-home mothers like to work some kind of job that helps to contribute a little cash flow to the house. A good side hustle is something that a mother can do part time between her duties to her children and the house. The hours should be very flexible and something that she can do in the comfort of the home without great difficulty.

For example, some mothers may start a daycare business in their house to take care of other people's children while they care for their own. Others may look to writing or marketing positions to provide them a little extra cash. Whatever the choice, a good side hustle should not only keep a mother active but provide her with career options for when her children grow up and move out.

One of the best of these possible side hustles is likely that of a programming position. Becoming a programmer is a surprisingly diverse career choice that provides stay-at-home mothers with a diverse array of options, from part-time programmer all the way up to occasional computer repair specialist.

Why Programming Is a Good Choice

Programming provides many unique side hustle opportunities for a mother. For example, you could work part-time on a freelance basis and do jobs from the comfort of your home. As long as you have a good computer and internet access, you can code anywhere. Even better, you can take a break in your coding and tend to your children if they need you, which provides a high level of personal freedom.

Just as importantly, the pay for a programmer is typically quite good and the job outlook is very strong. Estimates state that the field will need about 300,000 new programmers every 10 years or so, a rate which could grow. And the typical pay for a programmer approaches $50 per hour, though this rate may be slightly lower depending on where you are employed.

However, even a part-time stay-at-home mom programmer can still pull in a good side hustle that they can use to fund their retirement. So don't be afraid to reach out to an adult education facility about starting a programming course. It could lead to the new career that you've wanted to for your whole life.

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