Attending An Associate Of Science In Nursing Program Is A Good Way To Start Your Nursing Career

If you want to become an RN but you don't want to wait four years to enter the workforce, then an Associate of Science in Nursing could be the ideal choice for you. You'll still be able to obtain an RN degree and work in a hospital, doctor's office, or other medical establishment, but you'll only need to attend a two-year program instead of a college that lasts four years. Here are some things to know about an Associate of Science in Nursing program.

Your Credits Will Transfer

As long as you attend an accredited nursing program, the educational credits you earn working toward your associate degree will transfer if and when you're ready to continue your education and further your degree. Finding an accredited school is essential so that your credits transfer and you're eligible to take your licensing exam to become an RN.

Some Online Classes May Be Possible

An Associate of Science in Nursing program focuses on clinical training. You'll work in the school lab as well in medical settings working with real patients. You'll start with simple tasks first and expand your duties as your skills as a nurse grow. Hands-on learning is essential, so you'll need to attend labs and clinical training in person.

However, you might take elective classes and educational nursing classes online at your convenience. Once you've obtained your degree, you might be able to get your BSN or MSN completely online.

You'll Receive The Necessary Training

You'll receive all the clinical training you need even though you'll only go to school for two years because you won't need to take the higher-level electives or additional nursing courses not required by your state. The amount of clinical and classroom hours is usually determined by your state's nursing licensing board, so nursing schools ensure you obtain the required amount of training, even in a two-year program, so you can take your test to be licensed as an RN.

This comprehensive training not only makes you eligible for the licensing exam, but it also makes you a better nurse and a valuable prospective employee.

You'll probably have a lot of questions when you consider nursing school, so talk to the school adviser about the school schedule since you may be required to attend summer school, and share other concerns, such as tuition, supplies needed, and preparations you need first, such as a medical evaluation or immunizations. Some programs may be more flexible than others and provide evening classes so you can continue working a day job while you go to school, so explore all of your options.

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